Granny's Gone Wild

Energy, and more than a dash of smut, from a septuagenarian "hottie"

By Lee Levitt, August 13, 2010
Lynn Ruth Miller

Lynn Ruth Miller

"The nice thing about dating at my age is you don't have to worry about meeting the parents." So says Lynn Ruth Miller, who at 77 is a self-styled "senior hottie".
With commendable energy, and more than a dash of smut, the diminutive, twice-divorced singleton rips through the niche comedic area of septuagenarian dating in San Francisco, occasionally elaborating her tales with a smattering of fantasy, as when she pictures the effects of a romantic liaison on an oxygen mask-wearing suitor.
Her chatty, if somewhat crude, delivery is admirably (relatively) fluid, though of the side-effects of being a senior stand-up is that you can be on a roll, and then suddenly forget where you were - a problem she artfully put down to the effects ot the inclement Scottish weather.
There are some slick, well-delivered lines - "Old men, they only want one thing: sleep" and "My mother yelled at my father so loud that when she died he thought he'd gone deaf" being among the many examples.

However, the performance ends in a rather cringe-inducing bout of feminist bra-burning. And be warned: some of the imagery is definitely not for the squeamish.

Watch Lynn Ruth Miller in action here

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