Leeds duo to run London arts show

By John Fisher, June 20, 2008
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Two Leeds women are to run an arts festival to attract young people into a London theatre to experience the venue as a centre of performance.

The scheme got under way when Leeds-born directors Emma Gordon and Alexa Christopher-Daniels introduced their project, Twenty 2e7en, to young arts professionals at the New End Theatre in Hampstead in January.

Following the  event, a core company was established comprising 12 directors, performers and designers. As a result, Ms Gordon and Ms Christopher-Daniels have created the two-day festival at the theatre.

The festival will commence on Sunday at 5.30pm and conclude at midnight on Monday.

Ms Gordon, a former Leeds Limelight Drama group member, said: “It’s only just started to dawn on us both just how big an undertaking this actually is. Opening the doors to fresh young talent was always our aim.”

She added: “We now get people from Leeds coming to see our shows when they come to London.”

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