Hebrew U scholar gets Oxford chair

July 9, 2009

A scholar of international renown has been appointed to a new chair at Oxford University for the study of Abrahamic religions.

Guy Stroumsa, the Martin Buber professor of comparative religion at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University, takes up the post in October and will be a Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall.

Professor Stroumsa stresses the importance of the comparative study of religions, “and in particular of the monotheistic religions, as contemporary problems demand intellectual attention on the religious and historical roots of our current predicaments.”

The appointment has delighted Paul Joyce, chairman of the theology faculty board, who welcomed “a scholar of the highest international distinction.

“Jews, Christians and Muslims all refer to Abraham as a friend of God and I hope the establishment of this important post will contribute to deepening friendship among these three great religions.”

Last updated: 4:22pm, July 9 2009