Elstree Federation Synagogue visit Poland with their minister

October 16, 2008

Thirty members of Elstree's Federation Synagogue, Ohr Yisroel, went on a two-day visit to Poland led by their minister, Rabbi Raphy Garson and his wife Deborah. The tour was hosted by J-Roots, a division of Aish UK specialising in trips to Eastern Europe for young Jews, and accompanied by Auschwitz survivor Eva Neuman. In addition to visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Elstree group toured the Jewish quarter of Krakow, as well as Kielce and Krasnik. Lightning visits were also paid to the Lublin yeshivah, the site of Maidenek concentration camp and the Warsaw Ghetto. "Having Mrs Neuman with us was an inspiration and helped put many of the sights we saw into perspective," Rabbi Garson said.

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