Elizabeth Shrager raises £30,000 for Myeloma UK

By James Martin, May 14, 2009

The widow of the chairman of cross-communal school JCoSS has raised over £30,000 towards research into the cancer from which he died.

Elizabeth Shrager said the fundraising efforts of family and friends for Sunday’s walk in aid of Myeloma UK was “a great tribute to my husband Robert,” a prominent City figure who also chaired West London Synagogue.

Mrs Shrager joined 300 people including Myloma UK patron Maureen Lipman — whose husband Jack Rosenthal died from the disease — on the Retail Therapy Walk, passing famous stores such as Harvey Nichols and Harrods. Information bags about the bone marrow cancer were distributed to participants and the event raised £70,000 in total.

“We’ve had over 100 donations ranging from £20 to £10,000 from one of the companies my husband used to work for,” Mrs Shrager said.
“This is a form of cancer that has no cure and may be more prevalent in the Ashkenazi community so research into its causes is very important.”

Last updated: 3:45pm, May 14 2009