Channukah cards for orphans in Eastern Europe

November 11, 2008

The Hale community Cheder and Nursery will be designing and making their own Chanukah cards to send to orphaned children of a similar age, in Eastern Europe. Others will be bringing an unwanted toy to shul to wrap in their own personalised Chanukah wrapping paper and sending it to child victims of terror attacks and suicide bombings in Israel.

The children hope to help World Jewish Relief and Or Meir V'Bracha, based in Jerusalem, in their efforts to brighten up Chanukah for needy children.

They will also be supporting the local charity, The Fed, through their collection of food items in the shopping centre of Hale Barns Square. And even the shul will benefit through the children's mitzvot on the day, as they will be carrying out a ‘tidy-a-thon', repairing many damaged siddurim, as well as sorting bookshelves and cupboards in the synagogue's Bet Hamidrash. Tidying up will never have been so much fun!

This is a first for the Hale Community, and all the children involved are excited , motivated and raring to go!

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