Bonus for favourite builder

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 9, 2009

The non-Jewish construction boss responsible for many key Manchester Jewish organisational buildings was honoured by communal leaders on Wednesday.

Harry Johnston’s company built the Brookvale special needs home, sections of the Heathlands care village and Broughton Jewish Primary School.

Over 40 people were at the surprise ceremony at the Bnei Akiva bayit in Salford, another of his builds. Mr Johnston had attended under the misconception that he was being consulted over a leaky roof.

Among those present was Rabbi Avraham Jaffe, who originally hired Mr Johnston in 1967 as a caretaker for a Lubavitch synagogue.

A glass award was presented by David Eventhall, who has supported refurbishment work to the Rainsough cemetery.

Mr Johnston recently saved the cemetery £150,000 in Tarmac costs by arranging the donation of recyclable materials from resurfacing work on the M60 motorway.

Last updated: 4:11pm, July 9 2009