Candidates face Board hustings

By Simon Rocker, May 10, 2012

The way is clear for Board of Deputies president Vivian Wineman to serve a second three-year term after nominations closed last Friday without a challenger.

But, as predicted in the JC, there will be five candidates contesting the three vice-presidential posts - sitting officers Jonathan Arkush and Jerry Lewis will be up against Laura Marks, Alex Brummer and Denise Lester.

Treasurer Laurence Brass, who is seen as a contender for the presidency in 2015, will go on to a second term unopposed.

The five vice-presidential challengers will appear at hustings next Thursday at UJIA, three days before the election.

Competition is also hotting up for Board representatives from synagogues

This Board-backed event was instigated by the Changing the Board campaign, launched by a group of young people to produce a more representative body.

"It's wonderful to see the young people of the community involved in the Board elections," Ms Marks said. "I am sure it will generate even more interest in the Board throughout the community."

There are also signs of more competition within synagogues for a seat on the Board.

At Hampstead Garden Suburb, at least eight candidates will fight for places to represent the congregation on the Board. In addition, two candidates will contest one under-35 observer's position.

In a nine-candidate election at West London Synagogue, three of the five sitting deputies lost their seats, among them Jack Lynes, who had served four terms.

The new West London delegation will include two women and one under-35 representative, responding to the Board's call for both more young and more female deputies.

West London executive director Simon Myers said the contested election was an "an example of a thriving community that wants to get involved in the wider Jewish arena".

    Last updated: 8:13pm, May 10 2012