Staying power up north

By Jonathan Kalmus, May 10, 2012

UJIA is running a recruitment assistance project for Jewish students in Manchester in an effort to keep them in the city after their studies.

The Manchester Jewish Interns scheme identifies intern and employment options in local companies. It has already landed three postgraduates positions in marketing and human resources.

Manchester UJIA's Sally Halon said the project had been developed by professionals who graduated from its young leadership course in 2011.

"It has so far been hugely successful. We have another young lady starting a year-long contract in the summer. The idea is to get students to look outside the walls of the Fallowfield student area - and not to go straight back to London after their degrees."

UJIA intends to sponsor a Friday night dinner to promote the project during the summer term.

Last updated: 11:10am, May 11 2012