Masorti chiefs play generation game

May 10, 2012
Nick Gendler

Nick Gendler

New Masorti Judaism co-chairs Clive Sheldon and Nick Gendler want to energise a fresh generation of leaders throughout the movement.

Mr Sheldon, a barrister, and Mr Gendler, a career coach, have been involved in Masorti for more than 10 years through membership of Finchley's New North London Synagogue and, more recently, the movement's council.

"There is a pool of talent and interest out there and I am already beginning the process of discovering that talent," Mr Sheldon said. His co-chair added that the "future leadership of the movement must be equally represented by men and women".

Both are keen to spread the word about Masorti. "I want every Jew to be aware of what we stand for so they can make an informed choice as to whether we offer an approach to Judaism that resonates with them," Mr Gendler said. "I'd like us to develop a much more visible presence at Jewish communal events around the country."

He will focus on introducing governance proposals designed to bring more people into positions of influence across the movement, especially members of its smaller communities.

Last updated: 8:13pm, May 10 2012