Etz Chaim saves sea cadets from sinking

By Jay Grenby, May 10, 2012

Governors of the Etz Chaim Primary in Mill Hill have come to the rescue of the local Sea Cadets.

The cadets have been based for more than half-a-century at the school's temporary premises in Daws Lane. But for the past year, the unit has been under threat of eviction by Barnet Council.

However, with only weeks remaining on the cadets' lease, the school has offered them a permanent rent-free home at its new premises further down the road.

The unit will continue to share Etz Chaim's temporary site until the move takes place.

"When we found out that the Sea Cadets were to be homeless, we immediately got in touch to offer them the opportunity to share our new facility," Etz Chaim governors' chair Adam Dawson said.

School governors want to offer a range of facilities to the wider community

"We have been sharing a building with them since September and it seems an obvious solution for them to move with us next year."

The gesture has "thrilled" Mike Mair, treasurer of the Mill Hill and Edgware Sea Cadets. "The school's offer to provide us with a home when we were about to be evicted was extremely charitable, especially when the school said that we do not need to pay rent, merely expenses. The money we save can go towards sponsoring more cadets to go on life-changing experiences.

"After many years of introducing naval life to the young people of Mill Hill, we are relieved to be able to continue with our work."

Etz Chaim governors want to offer a number of facilities for the wider community at the permanent site.

They will discuss plans and listen to residents' ideas at a public meeting being held on Sunday at Copthall Girls' School.

Last updated: 8:13pm, May 10 2012