Violent muggers terrorise grandmother

By Jonathan Kalmus, May 3, 2012

A Leeds grandmother was the victim of a violent mugging six days after her home was ransacked by burglars.

Two hammer-wielding men pushed Beryl Black, 67, to the ground while she was jogging in Sandmoor Drive, in the heart of the Leeds Jewish area. They threatened to crush her fingers as she struggled to remove three diamond rings, including her mother's engagement ring, which she had rarely taken off since inheriting it.

"I heard running behind me and moved to the side thinking it was other joggers," Mrs Black recalled. "One sort of sat on me and a hammer was hanging over my head. I am counting myself very lucky. They threatened to smash me on the head if I didn't stop screaming.

"I'm now ringless with swollen fingers, which is no big deal. I'm walking again and am not going to let this stop me. We've got a rottweiler - I've started to take him on my runs after this. I hope the story will be a warning to others."

Mrs Black believes the muggers were also responsible for the burglary, while she and her husband were holidaying in Tenerife. Antiques, heirlooms and the couple's cars were stolen.

West Yorkshire Police are investigating a possible link between the crimes.

Last updated: 9:13am, May 4 2012