A penny for their thoughts

April 19, 2012
Talia Album, Rachel Kass and Jessica Tray

Talia Album, Rachel Kass and Jessica Tray

Three Yavneh College girls have marked Yom Hashoah by launching an appeal to collect six million pennies in memory of Holocaust victims.

Year-12 pupils Jessica Tray, Talia Album and Rachel Kass hit upon the idea of Pennies With Purpose as a way of leaving a lasting legacy of their time at the Borehamwood school.

Jessica explained that the £60,000 would be split between Holocaust-related causes. Talia said the trio had been "inspired by our school trip to Poland and wanted to revive the Jewish culture in communities decimated by the Holocaust, ensuring the continuation of Jewish life.

"As well as this, as the last generation who can hear first-hand from survivors, we want to make sure the Holocaust is never forgotten."

Rachel added that "when commemorating the Holocaust, there is a Jewish custom to light six memorial candles. Similarly, we would like the money Pennies With Purpose raises to go to six projects."

Yad Vashem will be among the beneficiaries and proceeds will also go towards restoring Polish Jewish cemeteries, rebuilding Jewish life in Krakow and Warsaw and educational visits.

One-sixth of the total is earmarked for World Jewish Relief's Sudan project, helping the victims of the genocide in Darfur.

The girls want to reach their fundraising goal by Holocaust Memorial Day in January and the school will be helping them to promote the scheme.


Last updated: 3:46pm, April 19 2012