Future is not orange at Tesco

By Jonathan Kalmus, April 19, 2012

Tesco's own brand Passover orange juice has left a sour taste with northern customers.

Manchester shoppers have complained about the quality of the juice in the one litre cartons, which a number of customers returned to stores for refunds.

Although the issue appears to have been a local one, Heather Shaw reported a problem with cartons she purchased in the Hove branch while visiting family.

"The juice had a metallic flavour," she said. "I also bought the little cartons, which were were fine."

A Tesco spokesman denied rumours that a batch of juice cartons had been recalled.

"We have received a small number of complaints regarding the orange juice, which we are investigating with our supplier. We apologise to customers who feel this product has not met our high standards."

Last updated: 10:40pm, April 22 2012