Organic chickens are certifiable

By Jennifer Lipman, April 19, 2012

The certification of kosher organic chickens by the Gloucestershire-based Biodynamic Association is the culmination of a 22-year campaign.

In 1990, the JC published a letter from Manchester doctor David Freed, appealing for readers to join him in efforts to convince an organic certifier to recognise shechitah as a humane method of slaughter.

Two years after Dr Freed's death, the Biodynamic Association - one of the UK's longest-established licensing bodies - has agreed to certify poultry supplied by Biblical Foods, which took up the cause.

"They are open-minded, respect religious freedom and saw shechitah in action," said Biblical Foods' Leon Pein, who added that he would be having an organic chicken dinner to celebrate. Kashrut supervision is through the Manchester Beth Din.

The chickens are being sold at a number of kosher stores, including Kosher Kingdom in Golders Green. Plans are afoot to extend the organic kosher range to beef and lamb.

Last updated: 3:46pm, April 19 2012