Norwood story has an appealing finale

April 11, 2012

The story of how Norwood helped a man with severe physical and behavioural difficulties has been the focus of the Pesach appeal by the children and families charity, which has a £100,000 target.

Yitzchok grew up in a large family and his parents found it increasingly difficult to care for him.

In desperation, they approached their local council, which found him a place at Ravenswood, Norwood's residential village in Berkshire.

There, staff identified that his disruptive behaviour was partly through frustration at being unable to communicate.

Using specialist techniques, staff began to understand what he was trying to say. Occupational therapists and physiotherapists also helped him to move about more freely without a wheelchair.

‘People with disabilities want the same things from life’

He now takes part in activities such as art, music and gardening and makes decisions about the running of his home.

"People with learning disabilities want the same things from life as you or I," said Norwood chief executive Elaine Kerr. "Through our vital services, we help people with learning disabilities, and children and families in need, to fulfil their potential. Norwood needs the community's support to ensure we never have to turn anybody away."

Last updated: 3:04pm, April 11 2012