Reform revises cash plan

By Simon Rocker, November 4, 2010

The Reform movement has had to revise hopes of recording a small surplus this year - and is instead forecasting a deficit of £32,600.

Reform spends around £3,150,000 and had budgeted at the year's start for a profit of £28,600. Treasurer Hugh Lask told Reform council members at Sunday's quarterly meeting in London: "The forecast reflects the tough conditions in which we find ourselves."

Income from fundraising is anticipated to be around £642,000 for 2010 - more than £100,000 down on the £760,000 target set at the beginning of the year. Reform chairman Stephen Moss said the original budget figure had been based on a strong performance in 2009, despite the onset of the recession.

"There seems to be a lag when people start to drop out of giving - when it really starts to bite."

Movement head Rabbi Tony Bayfield said the problem was a drop in grants from foundations. "Support from individuals has increased rather than decreased. The enthusiasm at our annual dinner was remarkable."

But commenting on next year's fundraising target of £654,000, West London member Julian Markson said: "It's going to be tougher than you think."

    Last updated: 4:46pm, November 4 2010