Community life

New kosher bakery for Leeds

June 10, 2010

Kosher bread will be baked once again in Leeds from July.

Operating under Leeds Beth Din supervision, Gelman's will supply kosher outlets.

Co-owner Moira Gelman believes "a Jewish community isn't a community without a bakery. We aim to provide fresh bread and cakes on a daily basis." She plans to add cheesecakes and other dairy items later in the year.

Leeds Jewish Representative Council president Hilton Lorie hoped the community would support the venture. The Chalutz bakery and shop closed two months ago, with the owners citing "an irreversible downturn in trade".


Manchester Fed thanks volunteers

June 10, 2010

Manchester's Federation of Jewish Services marked the national Volunteers' Week with a thank-you party for over 60 members of its unpaid army of helpers.

FJS - the result of a merger between The Fed and Heathlands Village in December - has in excess of 500 volunteers, including a sigficant number of young people.

"We simply could not function without them," said FJS marketing officer Joyce Khan. "They are involved in numerous aspects of service provision, but also help us out behind the scenes, in admin, with fundraising and in our shops."


The Leeds kids who go to King David, Manchester

By Jonathan Kalmus, June 10, 2010

To appreciate the importance Leeds parents attach to Jewish education, you need to take the bus - to Manchester.

With no Jewish high school in Leeds, secondary age pupils have traditionally gone to the fee-paying Leeds Grammar or local state schools. However, an increasing number of families are now opting to send their children to the King David High after attending Leeds' Brodetsky Jewish Primary. As well as the attraction of keeping their children within a Jewish environment, there is the appeal of King David's consistently high academic results.


Wineman: Manchester community needs more say

June 10, 2010

The Manchester community deserves a greater voice on national Jewish issues, Board of Deputies' president Vivian Wineman has admitted.

At the first monthly Manchester Jewish Representative Council meeting under the leadership of Lucille Cohen, Mr Wineman said there were not enough Manchester delegates on the Board. The influence of the UK's second largest Jewish community "is not being felt in London as it should be".


Residents protest Jewish school move

By Jonathan Kalmus, June 10, 2010

Angry residents made plain their opposition to Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary School's relocation plans at an acrimonious public meeting on Monday.

Bury and Whitefield called the meeting in partnership with a local rugby club to discuss the proposal to develop nine acres of green belt land owned by Whitefield Golf Club, which is in financial difficulty because of falling membership. The plans incorporate a new school and an all-weather rugby pitch.


Norwood welcomes new government coalition

By Robyn Rosen, June 10, 2010

Launching Norwood's three-year strategy this week, chief executive Norma Brier says the charity has "nothing to fear" from the policies of the Conservative/Liberal Democrat administration.

Mrs Brier was unsurprised by the new government's plans to cut welfare costs by encouraging volunteering. Eight-hundred volunteers help 1,200 staff to deliver Norwood's 120 support services to 7,000 children, families and adults.


Tribe visits Polish wedding celebrations

By Jessica Elgot, June 10, 2010

Members of a Polish trip organised by Tribe, the United Synagogue youth arm, joined the wedding celebrations of a Krakow couple.

The 20 participants, led by Muswell Hill's Rabbi David Mason, hosted a Saturday night meal for David and Maria Szychowski, who married in the World Jewish Relief-supported community centre. The Szychowskis plan to make aliyah later this year.


Hendon girl's 'life-changing' car accidentt

June 10, 2010

A seven-year-old Jewish girl has been left with "life changing injuries" after being hit by a car in Hendon.

Charedi ambulance service Hatzola was the first to reach the girl, who was hit by a black Golf at around 5pm last Friday in Wilberforce Road.

She was taken to the Royal Free Hospital and returned home the following day.

Police say the car was being driven at "relatively low speed.There was no investigation into criminality".


Edgware Rabbi has heart attack

By Jay Grenby, June 10, 2010

Edgware Reform congregants have said prayers for the recovery of associate minister Rabbi Neil Kraft following his "massive" heart attack.

The American-born rabbi is in Northwick Park Hospital after collapsing at home.

Members were told at the Shabbat morning service. "It came as a huge shock to us," said one congregant, "especially as Rabbi Kraft had been the life and soul of all our recent 75th anniversary celebrations".


Finchley synagogue support for Belarus community

June 10, 2010

A collaboration between Finchley Reform Synagogue and Jewish Child's Day has given a new lease of life to a Jewish community in a small Belarus village.

The 2,200-strong Polotsk community has been presented with a minibus which will be used to ferry members to activities and to collect humanitarian aid.

It will also aid a Jewish heritage project in which teenagers from the village will research life in a Jewish area of Belarus or Lithuania before acting as tour guides for their peers.