WJR launches an appeal for Georgian Jews

By Dana Gloger, August 21, 2008

World Jewish Relief has launched a UK appeal to help clients affected by the Georgian conflict.

WJR says that over 700 young and elderly Jews are in need of welfare assistance. Around 100 have been forced to flee their homes and are staying with other Jews in Tbilisi. Extra rescue workers have been drafted in to help the refugees.

The charity reports that some Jews have already been rescued, among them 79-year-old Rivka Rosa from Tskhinvali.

After an intensive search, WJR's local partners found her huddled in her kitchen - the only room in her apartment which had not been destroyed. Terrified, hungry and in need of her medicine, she had to be persuaded to be moved to a safer place. Aid workers will be monitoring her progress.

Other Jews helped included a woman and her 18-year-old daughter, who were found hiding in the basement of their house in the town of Gori. The pair were evacuated to Tbilisi.

A couple and their 15-year-old daughter managed to escape to Tbilisi from Gori despite the husband sustaining serious injuries when a bomb shattered their house's balcony. The debris blocked the front door but they managed to flee through the back garden. However, there is no news on the fate of the wife's parents, who are both blind.

WJR chief executive Paul Anticoni said: "The outbreak of violence has caused extreme distress, and has necessitated huge upheaval for many. We are working with a trusted local partner on the ground to channel effectively the funds raised and ensure as many people as possible, particularly those most at risk, are protected."


Last updated: 10:04am, August 27 2008