Wizo presidential visit

By Jonathan Kalmus, July 25, 2008

World Wizo president Helena Glaser gave the keynote address to Wizo UK's 90th anniversary Rebecca Sieff awards lunch at South Manchester Synagogue.

Three-hundred members from throughout the country heard Mrs Glaser explain how ongoing welfare issues, such as helping Sderot residents, highlighted the continuing need for Wizo's work.

She told the JC afterwards that "90 years of an organisation is not something light. It's ladies doing amazing things in a commitment to the ladies of Israel, whilst changing with the times."

In this vein, three video screens were deployed to illustrate the address of UK chair Loraine Warren charting its challenge to raise an extra £1 million this year.

Wizo UK is the most successful fundraiser among the affiliates.
Rebecca Sieff awards were presented to Naomi Cohen and 82-year-old Alma Morris and guests were entertained by the Merry Wives of Wizo revue.

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