Welfare link-up

September 24, 2009

Leeds welfare bodies believe that a joint initiative has helped them to have a clearer idea of how to plan for the future needs of elderly people.

Research funded through the first joint venture between Leeds Jewish Housing Association, Jewish Welfare Board and Donisthorpe Hall is being used to plan for the provision of services.

Nearly 400 survey respondents answered questions relating to their age, gender and living patterns. Over 65 per cent of replies came from people over 70 who expressed concerns about health, finance and loneliness.

Sheila Saunders, chief executive at LJHA, said: “The survey has confirmed much of what we have planned.” Commenting on the 62 flats currently under construction in the Queenshill development, she said the research “has allowed us to make adaptations to the plans including a bathing spa and state-of-the-art assistive technology.”

Carol Whitehead, Donisthorpe chief executive, said the care home “was looking forward to using the information and working in collaboration with LJWB and LJHA”.

Last updated: 2:24pm, September 24 2009