Tesco’s biggest kosher section

By Jonathan Kalmus, January 22, 2009

Tesco is targeting Manchester Jewish shoppers by installing its biggest kosher section in the new Cheetham Hill store.

The Cheetham Hill Tesco is the closest major supermarket to North Manchester’s main Jewish population and offers over 270 kosher products.
“It’s really nice to come in and see all this kosher variety in Cheetham,” said Ruth McNicholas. “Normally if I want kosher food, I have to go to Prestwich.”

Sandra Bookman went further, suggesting: “It’s the best thing to happen to Cheetham Hill. I’ve already met two girls I went to King David High School with who I haven’t seen in 10 years. It’s got a bigger kosher section than Morrisons and will probably keep the price of kosher food down.”

Once a thriving Jewish area, Cheetham Hill is now a predominantly an Asian community, reflected in Tesco’s Asian and halal sections, which are six-times the size of the kosher area.

A Tesco spokesman said the positive reaction could have ramifications for kosher provision nationwide. “We are looking to increase kosher ranges in London stores such as Brent Cross if Cheetham Hill goes well.”

Last updated: 2:48pm, January 22 2009