Royal date for Youth Aliyah

By Marcus Dysch, October 24, 2008

Prince Edward will be the guest of honour at a St James's Palace dinner celebrating the 75th anniversary of Youth Aliyah Child Rescue next month.

The charity is co-hosting the November 5 event with the Duke of Edinburgh's Award International Association to coincide with the launch of the award scheme in five Israeli youth villages. The prince is chairman of the association's international council.

Around 2,000 young people aged from 14 to 25 will have the opportunity to become involved in the scheme, which will be known as the Israel Youth Award. They will be set individual challenges encouraging physical activity, skills development and interaction with teammates.

Youth Aliyah Child Rescue and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award have a historical link through the Hahn family.

Lola Warburg-Hahn played a key role in the rescue of Jewish children from Nazi Germany during the 1930s and was a vice-president of the Youth Aliyah movement. Her brother-in-law Kurt Hahn founded Gordonstoun - the Scottish school attended by the Queen's sons - and later helped set up the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme.

Dinner chairman Melvin Robinson said: "What is fascinating is that we are two organisations operating in different countries, coming together on a joint project and looking back on a common historical link."

Added the charity's co-chair, Adrienne Sussman: "We are proud to celebrate together. We believe in the same principle - that young people, including those disadvantaged by circumstance, should be given the opportunity to develop into responsible adults who show compassion to others."

Last updated: 12:30pm, October 23 2008