Rising costs fuel appeal by mikveh

By Jay Grenby, January 14, 2009

Soaring gas and electricity bills are key factors behind a substantial increase in costs which threatens the future of the Edgware communal ladies’ mikveh.

In response, an appeal has been launched for “little but often” donations to help make up the shortfall in expenditure on heating, lighting, cleaning, insurance and repairs.

Since the fundraising drive preceding the opening of the facility in 1990, the trustees have depended on the generosity of a few individuals to keep it running.

But in light of the economic climate, they hope that community members will offer regular small donations to the independently run and recently refurbished mikveh, which is located in the Edgware Synagogue grounds.

Trustee Pinchos Rabin pointed out that the mikveh’s popularity had also contributed to increased costs. “The influx over the past few years of Orthodox families into the area means that the mikveh is now very well-used — on some evenings, by 17 or 18 ladies.”

Last updated: 4:02pm, January 14 2009