Prestwich shul expands

By Jonathan Kalmus, August 15, 2008

Construction has begun on a synagogue building in Prestwich for the Shaarei Tefilla strictly Orthodox congregation.

The two-storey synagogue is a £675,000 redevelopment of a disused Methodist church, whose hall has housed the community since 1994.

Nine people attended its first service in 1992, held in the living room of founder Rabbi Moshe Segal. There are now 115 predominantly young member families, who are meeting the building costs. A further influx of members is expected with the opening of the synagogue.

"We are doubling the capacity, not least to accommodate children," Rabbi Segal explained. The project is one of a number reflecting the growth of the strictly Orthodox community in Prestwich over the past few years.

Last updated: 5:05pm, August 14 2008