New Ort team aims to increase income

By Ben Jaglom, February 12, 2009

British Ort’s new leadership team is confident that it can conquer the credit crunch.

Having joined the educational charity as fundraising director, Noga Zivan is “optimistic that despite the current economic difficulties, we can increase our income this year. We will continue to hold our events as normal.”

Ms Zivan — who has worked for charities in the UK and Israel — is one of three new professional staff and five trustees. This includes a change at the top with Simon Alberga replacing Alan Goldman as chairman. Mr Alberga is a partner at Young Associates, a private equity firm he co-founded with Lord Young in 1996.

British Ort raised £500,000 last year and is looking to raise that figure by 20 per cent. By 2012, the goal is to double income to £1.2million. “In 2008 we suffered from not having a senior fundraiser in the organisation,” Ms Zivan explained. “In difficult financial times, donors want to know that their money will be well spent and make a real difference to people’s lives”

Lauren Derman, Noga Zivan, Simon Alberga and Muriel Stempel

Lauren Derman, Noga Zivan, Simon Alberga and Muriel Stempel

Also joining the team are office manager Lauren Derman and events manager Muriel Stempel. Ms Derman has worked for UJIA and Wizo. Ms Stempel was previously employed in an import-export company.

Ort’s influence stretched beyond the Jewish community, Ms Zivan pointed out. “For example, 90 per cent of the people we work with in South Africa are non-Jewish”. The charity had also responded to the Gaza conflict by providing “extra support and tuition to those students whose education was disrupted” in southern Israel.

Last updated: 9:53am, February 12 2009