Music to the ears of pre-schoolers

By Jay Grenby, January 14, 2009

Barnet mums who once ran a toddler group at the local United Synagogue have come up with a new concept for pre-schoolers and their parents.

Serena Kurash and Susan Sacks have launched Jam — Jewish Arts and Music — meeting weekly at the shul, for sessions themed around an aspect of Jewish life.

The women bring a wealth of experience to the venture. Mrs Kurash has worked with children as a piano teacher for over 20 years; Mrs Sacks ran her own nursery. They developed the idea for Jam from their time with the toddler group.

“Now that our own children are all at school, we felt it was time to start up a group,” Mrs Kurash explained.

There has been demand from beyond the Barnet community for the morning and afternoon sessions. “We have a lovely mix of people. Some come from Southgate shul and there are others whose older children are pupils at Wolfson-Hillel Primary down the road.”

Last updated: 3:56pm, January 14 2009