MP is a candle-lighting house guest

December 23, 2008

Higher Education Minister and Tottenham MP David Lammy lit the first Chanucah candle in the home of one of his constituents on Sunday.

The event was in the house of Shmuel Davidsohn, executive director of the Chaverim youth group, where Mr Lammy was joined by other community members, rabbis and local politicians.

“It was the most brilliant day,” Mr Davidsohn reported. “It is always a pleasure to know that people in the government are supporting our community.”

After the menorah lighting, Mr Lammy went on a walkabout of Jewish areas, where shopkeepers and residents had the opportunity to raise issues of concern. Mr Lammy also met volunteers from Hatzola, the volunteer ambulance service for the Charedi community.

“I have enjoyed taking part in these celebrations countless times in the last few years,” Mr Lammy said. “Every year I learn something new and feel even more privileged to be a part of the community at this special time. The humour, debate and exchange of ideas never fails to inspire.”

Last updated: 10:46am, December 23 2008