Manchester fightback

By Jonathan Kalmus, April 2, 2009

Manchester kosher store bosses say that Pesach trade has been strong despite supermarket competition and decreased demand for luxury items.

“I’ve just not stocked the expensive cakes and biscuits because I didn’t think people are prepared to spend the money on them,” said Richard Hyman of Titanics.

Haber’s owner Moshe Kaufman said his store had responded to the supermarkets’ price-cutting by offering its own loss-leaders. “We feel the pressure of the supermarkets but our cakes are cheaper, along with pickled cucumbers. We’re doing deals on chocolate and wine and, thank God, people are realising we are competitive.”

Shefa Mehadrin owner Motti Gershon attributed encouraging trade to the fact that less people were going away for the festival.

Reflecting shoppers’ attitudes, Prestwich mother-of-two Heather Shaw said she balked at paying £6 for a packet of biscuits.

“I’ve gone for the cheaper things. Food is much more expensive this year, wine has gone up. Even the cheapest kiddush wine is over £4. I went for the deals on these, which have been knocking off £1 a bottle.”

Deborah Levine from Salford had found that prudent shoppers were not “rushing to Tesco if Pesach products are not cheaper.

“Tesco has deals on drinks and grape juice, but I’ve not bought things from there which I know are cheaper in local stores.”

Last updated: 5:10pm, July 22 2009