Lessons in co-existence

By Alex Barnes, July 4, 2008

An organisation promoting Muslim-Jewish relations celebrated the success of a scheme bringing together pupils from Muslim and Jewish schools at a House of Lords reception last week.

Over 100 students aged from 11-15 have participated in Alif-Aleph’s linking programme. Jewish schools involved include Simon Marks Primary, Immanuel College and King Solomon High.

Paying tribute to project manager Rabia Lemahieu, Alif-Aleph founder and Jewish Council for Racial Equality president Richard Stone also told the gathering: “Some of the worst contacts between Muslims and Jews are on university campuses, so it’s extremely important to meet before.”

Lord Hameed drew attention to the historically good relations between Muslims and Jews. Lord Mitchell, chair of the Coexistence Trust, reflected on his Polish grandfather’s move to London’s East End as a reminder of the commonalities in the immigrant experience in Britain.

“We all have similar paths, we all have similar problems.”

Meanwhile, Alif-Aleph is looking to attract new donors as its funding from the City Bridge Trust is about to expire.

Last updated: 12:58pm, July 7 2008