Leaders to make aliyah

July 17, 2008

Four leaders of Zionist youth movement Habonim Dror are setting an example to the rank-and-file by making aliyah.

Dan Filson, Dan Conn, Tash Abramson and Deborah Brown plan to start an “urban kibbutz” in Tel Aviv. Mancunian Mr Filson, a 23-year-old Leeds University graduate, said he was motivated “to help Israel become the best country it can be”.

Mr Conn, 23, also from Manchester, is planning a more ambitious journey — a sponsored cycle to raise money for Darfur refugees in Israel.

Three of the four intend to go this summer. Ms Brown, 23, will remain for a further year with Habonim Dror.

Last updated: 11:01am, July 17 2008