Lancashire theme park goes Jewish for a day

By Jonathan Kalmus, October 30, 2008

A Lancashire theme park turned Jewish for a day, attracting 2,000 visitors from across the community.

The Camelot amusement park, near Chorley, held a special Jewish day on the Sunday which fell during intermediate days of Succot.

Organisers set up a kosher café, burger bar and six giant succah huts. Jewish music was also played throughout the day on the park's speaker system.

Arranged by the Manchester-based Aguda welfare organisation, which runs a family centre for the Orthodox community, this is the second year the event has run after the idea was trialled last Succot.

Aguda project manager Michelle Ciffer said the event brought the entire Jewish community together.
"The day welcomed everyone, and also made the strictly-Orthodox community comfortable. I am proud of that."

Last updated: 2:08pm, October 30 2008