Jump start on divorce

September 4, 2008

A support and lobbying group for improved relations between divorced or separated parents and their children has launched a new information website.

Through the www.jump-parenting.org.uk site, Jewish Unity for Multiple Parenting (Jump) gives details of key family-law case judgments, publications on family-related issues and resources to counteract "parental alienation". There are also links to communal and parenting support groups.

Jump was established to help non-resident parents get time with their children where there are difficulties following divorce or separation. It has developed contacts with religious, social, medical and legal representatives and has an ongoing dialogue with the Chief Rabbi.

A spokesperson said that Jump was born "out of the struggles that a number of its members have experienced trying to remain fully involved in their children's lives following the breakdown of the relationship with the other parent. Our hope is that the website will help many other parents and children in maintaining a positive and loving relationship."

Last updated: 2:16pm, September 5 2008