Improved deal for the deaf

May 14, 2009

The Jewish Deaf Association is broadening its provision to the hearing impaired with the launch of Hearing Connect.

JDA executive director Sue Cipin said the aim was to “offer a range of services to enable people with hearing loss to become more informed, more socially active, more confident and, ultimately, more connected to the people around them.

“There have been serious cuts to an already limited range of support services for deaf and hard of hearing people throughout the country.
“We were particularly concerned that Barnet Council, which covers our Finchley headquarters, had already reduced specialist services, leaving people with hearing loss struggling to access the practical and emotional support they need.”

Hearing Connect will incorporate existing JDA facilities plus additional activities including a book club and discussion groups. The new elements have been set up by Gabbie Radnor, a hearing therapist and lip-reading teacher who runs the JDA’s Technology and Information Centre.

“People with hearing loss would normally shy away from joining social clubs or groups,” she pointed out. “So we have set up a range of tailor-made discussion groups that specifically cater for them.”

Last updated: 2:06pm, May 14 2009