Help offered to find Seder places

By Jodie Mablin, April 18, 2008

Community organisations have been striving to ensure that no one is denied a place at a Seder table.

Small-communities minister the Rev Malcolm Weisman has fielded calls from throughout the country from people wanting to join a Seder. Rev Weisman, who will this year be conducting a Seder for the Jersey community, stressed the importance of not turning anyone away.

“Last year two Americans rang me up on the day of the first night looking for somewhere to go. Of course, I found them a home.” However, he pointed out that “in the more rural communities, there may only be one or two families holding a Seder”.

Elsewhere, Liberal Judaism has helped tourists, students and people in isolated areas to find a Seder. It is holding 34 Sedarim in houses, synagogues or community centres. “No one wants to be alone at Yomtov,” its spokeswoman acknowleged.

Last updated: 12:14pm, June 8 2008