Gift giving helps the less fortunate

April 18, 2008

Over 300 community members brought boxes and bags of chametz to a North-West London drop-off point on Sunday for the annual collection of the Gift charity.

Wines, biscuits, cakes, pasta and cereal were among the 3,000kg of produce donated. The food will be stored, sold through the London Beth Din and distributed to local families and disadvantaged Jewish communities abroad after the festival.

The Hasmonean, North-West London and Nancy Reuben primary schools were involved in the collection. More than 60 young volunteers, some as young as six, helped fill the boxes.

One of the packers on the full six-hour shift was seven-year-old Menorah Primary pupil Rafi Yellon. His mother said that he wanted to take part in a project where he and his friends could help others in a practical way.

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