Fringe benefits in Edinburgh

By Candice Krieger, August 21, 2008

A stand-up comic and a 40-strong wind instruments band were among the performing talents at the local synagogue's annual Edinburgh Festival open day.

Sunday's event, organised by the Jewish Edinburgh Group, was a showcase for Edinburgh fringe acts with a Jewish link.

The line-up included comedian Ivor Dembina, who spoke about his show, This Is Not A Subject For Comedy, the Lavi Youth Wind Band from Jerusalem and the Aluminum Show, devised by Tel Aviv-based dancer Ilan Azriel.

Members of Conflict Relief, the Arab and Israeli theatre collaboration, performed an extract from their play The Arab, The Jew and the Chicken - an exploration of conflict and identity in the Middle East.

Organiser David Neville said: "The great thing about our open day is that it's open to everyone who is performing something with a Jewish cultural link." He added: "It's great for interfaith dialogue and great to have a real mix of entertainment of Jewish interest."

Around 150 spectators also enjoyed a tour of the synagogue - a modernist 1930s building designed by prominent Glasgow architect James Miller - and an exhibit about the city's Jewry.

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