Darfur protest

By Neil Wolfson, April 18, 2008

Harry Potter star Jason Isaacs was among a large Jewish presence at Sunday’s fifth annual London protest rally against the genocide in Darfur.

Mr Isaacs, Board of Deputies president Henry Grunwald, JC columnist Jonathan Freedland and several hundred Jewish students were among the 2,000 people outside the Sudanese embassy. Students wore T-shirts bearing the slogan: “Never Again? It’s Happening Right Now”.

The Union of Jewish Students, which helped to organise the protest, has long campaigned on the issue, encouraging NUS to adopt Darfur as a priority international campaign. The UJS Darfur campaign is coordinated by Jenni Woolf, who said that Jews well understood “the consequences of the world turning a blind eye and the effects of procrastination and inaction by the international community”.

On Saturday evening, Holocaust survivors joined some from Rwanda and Darfur at the Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire for an all-night vigil.

One of the participants, Martin Stern, reflected that “all genocides have enormous features in common”.

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