Council of Christians and Jews launches forum

By Simon Rocker, May 14, 2009

The Council of Christians and Jews has launched a forum for supporters to underwrite programmes to counter antisemitism among youth.

It is chaired by Bishop of Manchester the Rt Rev Nigel McCulloch, who welcomed guests to the first “Chairman’s Circle” at Lambeth Palace.

“If there is to be a real and successful attempt to turn back the tide of antisemitism in this country,” he said, “it will only happen if we engage those young people who are in such danger of forgetting past history.”

One initiative is the “Side by Side” training workshops for university chaplains to tackle prejudice and to encourage dialogue on campus.
A new video was shown in which recently appointed CCJ joint vice-chairman Maurice Ostro explains: “The CCJ was founded in 1942 at the very time my father was being transported by train to a death camp, along with the rest of his family, he being the only survivor.

“He very much survived due to the assistance of well-meaning Christians. When I see the warmth, the help, the contributions of very many Christians who are involved in the CCJ, I feel as a Jew, how can I not support, how can I not help, how can I not give, when they are giving so much of themselves?”

Last updated: 3:47pm, May 14 2009