Common cause at ZF

By Leon Symons, September 17, 2009

An Israeli politician has called on diaspora communities to work together with Israel to tackle common issues such as assimilation and education.

Addressing the Zionist Federation’s biennial conference in London, Kadima MK Yoel Hasson said: “I believe we are all one people. We have the same destiny and the same future and we should help and support each other.

“We should deal with assimilation and problems with young people. It’s not just your problem, it’s ours too.”

He went on that a number of small communities in Britain and America “cannot continue with their Jewish schools and education because they don’t have the money. The risk is you lose them in the future and this is not just a diaspora problem.”

The main part of the weekend was devoted to a young leadership conference, involving more than 70 delegates from 16 countries across Europe.

Last updated: 4:46pm, September 17 2009