Class act for Ivrit lessons

By Cathy Forman, May 7, 2009

Clore Tikva Primary in Redbridge this week formally launched a new programme of Ivrit teaching commissioned by Leo Baeck College.

The curriculum has been piloted since September, when Ivrit classes for pupils were reduced from three to two per week because of a fall in parental contributions at the voluntary-aided school. Clore Tikva’s Hebrew co-ordinator Dalia Wittenberg has developed the UJIA-funded programme.

“We realised that Progressive primary schools needed their own curriculum,” explained Leo Baeck’s Jo-Ann Myers. “We also wanted to create a curriculum in line with modern language teaching in primary schools.”

Ten Progressive cheders have also taken up the programme, Eizeh Kef (What Fun).

Clore Tikva headteacher Lenna Rosenberg said: “The exciting thing is that it gives children the opportunity to learn through fun activities such as dance and role-play activities. It is also linked to the new foreign language strategy of the government.”

Including its nursery section, the school has 470 pupils.

Last updated: 10:10am, August 18 2009