Bournemouth breakway group attracts growing numbers

By Corinne Rein, September 24, 2009

The breakaway movement from Bournemouth Reform Synagogue attracted more than 80 people to a Rosh Hashanah service at the Carrington House Hotel.

The service was led by former BRS council member Michael Zeffertt. “The spirit of those attending was first class,” he said.

Former BRS treasurer David Dewell said he was “very sad that there was a breakaway service taking place. But the service greatly exceeded our expectations.”

The breakaway group is to hold a service on Yom Kippur and after the High Holy Days is to hold a meeting to decide its future. “We have the embryonic beginning of a community,” said one of the organisers, Jeffrey Sheaf.

Last updated: 3:11pm, September 24 2009