Bevis Marks in talks over rabbi's exit

By Simon Rocker, July 16, 2009

Members of Bevis Marks Synagogue in east London say that the redundancy process involving their rabbi has been suspended pending a meeting on Monday with the mahamad (executive) of the Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation.

Congregants protested after learning of the possible loss of Rabbi Natan Asmoucha, who arrived from Zimbabwe last year to become rabbi of Britain’s oldest shul. Some feared the proposed redundancy could be a prelude to closing the place of worship.

Bevis Marks chairman Jonathan Solomons said this week: “We are very pleased that the mahamad is prepared to meet us.”

On behalf of the mahamad, Ronel Lehmann said: “Bevis Marks has served the community for over 300 years and we have every intention that it will continue to do so. The mahamad is entitled to review matters which are confidential in private.”

Last updated: 11:17am, July 16 2009