Appealing at Pesach

April 4, 2008

Jewish Care hopes to raise over £350,000 from a Pesach appeal.

A letter to supporters features the story of Alan Levine, who benefited from the charity’s social work team and carers’ service when his 49-year old wife had a stroke.

“Before this year, it was my belief that I would never need to turn to anyone, other than family or friends,” he wrote. “From the moment I got in touch with Jewish Care, I felt supported. Now I thoroughly understand what a difference they can make.”

The charity’s Jacqueline Nortman said that “as well as raising funds, the campaign serves to educate about the breadth of Jewish Care’s work. We’re asking people to dig deep so that we can continue to provide vital services.”

Jewish Blind and Disabled’s appeal takes up the Pesach theme by asking four questions, including why the charity is different to others and why those approached should make donations. JBD’s answer is that with people living longer and treatments for many disabilities improving, demand for its services is rising. Chief executive Hazel Kaye said the target was £120,000.

Last updated: 11:36am, June 8 2008