Ajex looks to future

By Jodie Mablin, April 25, 2008

New Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women chairman Peter Wagerman insists that the organisation has a bright future, despite a dwindling pool of old soldiers from the Second World War.

Although disappointed that just 40 members attended the recent annual meeting at Hillel House, Euston, Dr Wagerman maintained that “Ajex has suddenly become a very busy place. The impetus is education and since the school curriculum teaches about World War Two, we can relate to the next generation.”

He pointed out that the Jewish Military Museum in Hendon, with its displays of medals, uniforms, photos and letters, was popular with school parties. However, more centrally-located premises would increase visitor numbers.

As for recruitment, Dr Wagerman said that Ajex would continue to look to the armed forces, but would also welcome relatives of former servicemen. “There is a pool of people we would like to get hold of,” he said. “But we are not worried. We remain a valid and healthy organisation.”

Last updated: 5:33pm, May 13 2008