Museum celebrates rise in visitors

By Jonathan Kalmus, December 24, 2012

Manchester Jewish Museum is celebrating a significant rise in visitor numbers — reversing the effects of years of financial instability.

According to figures released this week, visitor numbers hit 14,519, the highest annual number since 2008, and up by more than 4,000 since 2009.

Under its former director, the museum launched an emergency appeal three years ago after visitor numbers fell to 11,000 annually.

But chief executive Max Dunbar, who was appointed last year, has led the museum out of an operating deficit of more than £30,000 at its worst point, and said the museum was now profitable. School visits have increased, helped by exhibitions aimed at younger people, and there was a 37 per cent rise in adult visitors from last year.

However, Mr Dunbar pointed out that challenges remain: “The museum is an independent charity and relies on grant funding and donations to operate. We have had a cut in grant funding this year and so are now even more dependent on donations.”

Last updated: 11:45am, December 24 2012