Glasgow deli owner relents on kashrut supervision

By Cathy Forman, November 15, 2012

The Lubavitch owner of a Glasgow kosher deli has had a change of heart over accepting local kashrut authority supervision.

When Rabbi Mendel Jacobs took over the Hello Deli in August, he said it would be under the “strict” supervision of himself and his wife Tzirl and that he would not be affiliating to the West of Scotland Kashrus Commission.

However, he has now decided that kashrus commission supervision would be “in the interests of the community.”
He said the deli, which sells fresh meat delivered from Manchester, was doing well and delivering groceries as far north as Aberdeen.

The commission’s Rabbi Moshe Rubin was delighted that Rabbi Jacobs had affiliated. It also licenses Giffnock’s other kosher store, Mark’s Deli. “It’s fantastic the community has these facilities,” Rabbi Rubin said.

Last updated: 5:31pm, November 15 2012