Berger paints unequal picture of women in politics

November 8, 2012

Liverpool Labour MP Luciana Berger and London Conservative MEP Marina Yannakoudakis put the case for greater women’s representation at Westminster to a League of Jewish Women forum.

At a seminar at the league’s London offices, the politicians highlighted the long, anti-social hours that impacted on home and social life. Ms Berger also spoke of the high cost of child care at the Commons.

“If you tune into the BBC Parliamentary channel, you will see that the House is full of predominantly white men over the age of 50,” Ms Berger pointed out. “We need more women and younger MPs.”

Ms Yannakoudakis wanted “older women, younger women, those from ethnic groups and those with disabilities” properly represented.

Discussing how the media portrayed female politicians, Ms Berger pointed out: “I have had five articles on my nail varnish. I say as a Labour MP that [Home Secretary] Theresa May is doing quite a good job and what does the media talk about? Her shoes.” LJW social issues chair Sandra Harris presided.

Last updated: 2:09pm, November 8 2012