Brighton Israelis get together

By Yael Breuer, October 25, 2012

Brighton-based Israelis now have their own group.

Gideon Reuveni, director of the Centre for German Jewish Studies at the University of Sussex, and PhD student Sam Freed are the duo behind the initiative.

“Both Gideon and I are quite new to town and the aim in setting up the group was to meet people and speak Hebrew,” Mr Freed explained.

There are estimated to be well over 100 Israelis living in the Brighton area, a mix of students, academics, young workers and families. Israeli families also live in East Grinstead and Forest Row.

The new group is planning monthly meetings in a local pub. A Facebook page has attracted 50 followers.

Sharon Buenos, director of London’s Israeli House, visited Brighton to offer support and was “excited to meet such a great Israeli community. I am positive that we will build a strong relationship.”

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Last updated: 4:03pm, October 25 2012