Shul studying the New Testament

October 18, 2012

A shul adult education programme is being devoted to the New Testament.

The course will be launched on Monday by Maidenhead Synagogue’s Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain, who argues that “in a society in which the New Testament has been enormously influential and is still important, it is only sensible to recognise that rather than shy away from it. It is time to have the courage to delve into it, albeit from a Jewish perspective.”

He added: “The object is neither to debunk the New Testament, nor to be beguiled by it, but to uncover what it means to Christians. It is also a vital text in understanding how Christians view Jews as we play a central role in its story, although largely depicted in a negative way.”

Rabbi Romain, a member of the Council of Christians and Jews Advisory Board, said there had been a few raised eyebrows from congregants when the course was announced, but registration for the programme had been “brisk”.

Last updated: 12:22pm, October 18 2012